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It’s not a total sh*t show, just go back to basics

Emily Corke
Emily Corke
Senior Content Marketing Manager
It’s not a total sh*t show, just go back to basics

The past year has been a wild ride for the retail brands as they have looked to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic. We have seen the retail sector has been pretty much burnt to the ground, rebirthed, and reset in the pandemic. The real threat came about long before the pandemic - the rise of digital commerce.  

In a competitive market, it’s not a superior product which has saved the retailers still standing, it’s superior execution. One of the common questions is, ‘how do I keep up with these big brands?’. Things seem to be changing so quickly in the ecommerce space, it can feel like there’s a mountain to climb. 

Brands will need to lay strong foundations to weather any storm they face. And it can help retailers avoid a total sh*t show.

Build relationships with customers

It is simple really: customers expect the same help and shopping experience online as they were used to in-store. An online store alone isn’t going to cut it - they wanted to engage as they would with a sales assistant.

If customers can buy your product on Amazon, your relationship with the customer is pretty much your only means of differentiation. 

Execution over strategy

Whatever the action is, whatever your strategy, all that matters is that you plan and start executing it, with the flexibility to change it later. Not every decision will be the right one, but it’s something you’ve got to accept.

Don’t panic

The speed of adoption is slower than you might think. Underneath the hood, basically every company is built off spreadsheets and processes, and things take time.

So don’t panic. Our CEO Jack Wearne was invited to speak about these tips and more at MAD//Fest 2021.

Watch this video to find out how we have learnt from our own experience, it is not a total sh*t show.

There is still time to accelerate your digital transformation with the right partner at your side. Get in touch with our Ve specialists today. 

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