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Product update: Your Digital Assistant is more flexible and scalable than ever

Rhian Greener
Rhian Greener
Product Marketing Manager
Product update: Your Digital Assistant is more flexible and scalable than ever
Your Digital Assistant is more flexible and scalable than ever

Your brand is unique, and so is every one of your customers. That’s why this month’s product update brings a host of changes to increase the flexibility of your Digital Assistant.

More powerful personalisation, a brand new Zapier integration and fully customisable creative assets all make for a Digital Assistant that can scale with your business.

Let’s dive into what we’ve recently delivered to create our most customisable Digital Assistant yet.

Better personalisation

The problem with websites is they’re built for the masses. They’re often completely inflexible and based on a ‘one size fits all’ approach, assuming all your customers have the same needs and desires.

One size never fits all, and to be truly effective, a more personalised approach is needed. The good news? Our personalisation offering has never looked so good.

Why personalisation is key

With traditional websites, everybody sees the same content. Some will respond to what they see, but without segmentation, the messaging will often miss the mark. Personalisation removes this friction by ensuring every single visitor to a website is catered to.

In the case of the Digital Assistant, our goal is to help every customer in their buying journey, so each visitor is prioritised.

Your personalisation solution

Your Digital Assistant delivers a better, more relevant journey to curate a unique experience for each customer. By reacting to a visitor’s behaviour on-site, you can tailor the purchase journey based on past interactions, current context and predicted intent.  

This works by assembling clues about the visitor - we’re looking for how and why they visited the site. By building a picture of the customer, we can improve their experience and shorten the buying journey. The engine reacts in real time, so we know what kind of content to serve for the biggest impact, and crucially, when to serve it. This makes your website far more flexible than before.

Zapier email integration

Our next product update offers a huge amount of flexibility - we’ve integrated with Zapier.

In a nutshell, Zapier allows you to connect your software quickly and easily, so you can send information between applications and automate your workflows.  

Using our latest integration, you can now automate your email subscription workflow. Once a visitor inputs their email address into your Digital Assistant, the information will automatically flow into your marketing CRM. This is particularly helpful if you offer a promotion code in exchange for email sign ups, as automating the process can allow for an instant ‘welcome email’ to be sent from your CRM.

Zapier supports a huge number of marketing CRMs including HubSpot, MailChimp, Klaviyo and Salesforce, so no matter what your tech stack looks like, we have you covered.

Fully customisable creative assets

There are no two brands that look the same – and there are no two customers with the same Digital Assistant. We’ve evolved your Digital Assistant to create the most customisable experience for your brand.

We take design seriously, and we work to ensure your Digital Assistant aligns seamlessly to your brand. This means working closely with our managed services team to create on-brand creative assets. So you can customise everything - every single line of copy, every accent colour, every product name.

Scale with your business

All of these updates make for a more flexible solution. Whether you’re ready to automate your email subscription workflow or take your website’s personalisation offering to the next level, your Digital Assistant has the tools to help.  

Ready to get started? All updates mentioned are available now – speak to your account manager for more information.

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